Business Philosophy

At Ainsworth we go beyond the standard; we seek to find the best, most cost effective way to deliver high quality work within tight timeframes. We look at how people work most effectively in any given environment, how work flow can be streamlined and how technology can be used to increase overall efficiencies. Standard practice is to find ways to eliminate duplication and unnecessary repetition of tasks.

The three key elements of our Business Philosophy are:

  • Project Management approach
  • Service Delivery approach
  • Facility Management approach
Our Project Management approach involves applying processes and utilizing technologies that allow the organization to make visible both project progress and obstacles encountered. This system allows Ainsworth to respond proactively to issues identified so that they can be overcome and corrected expeditiously. The people who perform the work are actively involved in developing the related process… along with process experts, of course. As part of the due diligence, we ensure that our people are supported in every area so that your work is complete on time, to the highest of standards and according to plan.
The primary objectives of our business processes include:
  • to empower technicians with information they need, when they need it
  • to automate invoicing
  • to eliminate the duplication of transactional data entry
  • to achieve a competitive advantage through service differentiation
  • to use state-of-the-art technologies to allow for continual process improvement
  • to standardize systems and business processes across the country

Improving the usability and functionality of provided tools for all users on the field and in the office. Our Service Delivery approach and Facility Management approach involve using technology to provide transparency, internally and externally, to the entire work order lifecycle. Some general objectives include

  • Providing accessibility to all needed information in the least intrusive, most intuitive and efficient manner to all users
  • Providing a solution that both exceeds what is currently available and does not impose new limitations on users through loss of information or usability