Industrial Electronics

We repair thousands of makes and models of electronics. From single circuit boards to sophisticated drives and servo controllers, to just about anything you are using in your operations, our team of qualified technicians will restore it to original operating specifications…often at substantial savings.

Not only can we help you reduce your repair costs and simplify your outsourcing requirements, we eliminate the “fire fighting” headaches, leaving you free to focus on your core business activities. Our offering includes:

  • Fast, guaranteed repairs of all brands
  • A hassle-free, one-year warranty. Every repair is tagged with a unique barcode and entered into our database, to facilitate warranty
  • A comprehensive component-level repair shop
  • Diagnostic test equipment certified to national standards

We complete checkout and startup service for automation including AC/DC variable speed drive systems, as well as programming and debugging at all levels.

Shop Service
  • Component level circuit board repairs
  • Static and Dynamic load testing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • OEM Exchange
  • Rework Solutions
  • Manufacturing
  • Test Evaluation
  • Calibration (test equipment)
  • Warranty of complete unit
What We Repair
  • AC/DC Drives
  • Servo Amplifiers Logic Controllers
  • HMI, Touch Screen Monitors
  • Industrial Computers
  • Process Controllers and Sensors
  • Custom and Obsolete circuit boards
  • Encoders, CNC and motion controls
  • Power supplies, Weld Controllers
  • Safety controls and light curtains