Assessments & Planning

A successful data centre project starts with a successful plan.  Ainsworth offers a variety of planning and assessment services to ensure our customers have the right roadmap and information before making changes to their most critical IT assets.  Misinformation or the wrong plan can lead to disaster and substantial monetary losses.  Our assessment and planning services ensure your investments are protected before any changes begin.

Data Centre assessment

Between HVAC, lighting, electrical systems and server infrastructure, most data centres consume more energy and require more maintenance than necessary … increasing your operating budgets more than necessary too.

A data centre assessment is the critical first step to reducing these costs.

As part of this process, Ainsworth will evaluate each of these systems within the data centre facility, providing you with an accurate evaluation of energy consumption and provide recommendations on how consumption can be reduced and downtime avoided.

We will also perform a risk assessment based on your current and planned requirements and make recommendations for appropriate action while lowering operating costs and help you qualify and apply for government rebate programs.

Thermal and CFD assessment

Thermal management in a data centre is the largest contributor to the Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) measurement.  An efficient thermal management plan can have a dramatic positive impact on your data centre’s current PUE and an equally dramatic positive impact on your energy bills.

Ainsworth Thermal and CFD assessment determines how efficiently air flows through the data centre and how effectively heat is dispelled.  We do this by:

  • Measuring air temperature and air flow at critical points in the data centre;
  • Identifying hot spots and air flow restrictions; and
  • Perform Computational Flulid Dynamics (CFD) modeling in problematic environments.

The output of this assessment includes an in-depth and scientific account of airflow characteristics throughout the data centre and a comprehensive report, including floor plan, which identifies problems and recommended remediation.