Ainsworth offers a full suite of server deployment and support services for all the major manufacturers including physical and virtual environments whether on premise or hosted offsite. Our proven planning, design and deployment methodology is complemented by a suite of support and maintenance services to ensure uptime and optimal performance.

Server Monitoring

Ainsworth provides 24hrs/day x 7day/week x 365day/year server monitoring with comprehensive monthly reporting to maximize uptime and alert our customers to potential problems in their server environment before downtime occurs.  Our technicians actively monitor the environment daily and respond to potential problems before a critical failure occurs. Our integrated toolset initiates a trouble ticket based on customer established thresholds to ensure potential failures are averted.

Combined with our managed service offering, system generated alerts can be responded to remotely or on-site for immediate remediation reducing the critical time between alert and failure.

Trending analysis and root cause are reviewed with you on a scheduled basis to ensure all actions possible are taken to avoid failures and maximize system performance.  As well, on-demand reporting is available where the situation warrants immediate review.

Server Administration

Ainsworth offers customized server administration based on your requirements.  Administration tasks can include:

  • Remote management
  • Security profile
  • Password management
  • File management
  • Configuration management
  • Backup management
  • Custom administrative tasks
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Anti-virus management
Server Patch Management

An important element of server management is establishing and maintaining a patch management program that includes patch acquisition, testing and installation. Our patch management service ensures that your servers and applications are kept up-to-date with the latest vendor supplied application and security patches. Ainsworth will work with you to develop a framework that defines which of the available patches are to be installed and how they will be installed, tested and documented.