Asset Management

The depth of our expertise and the strength of our skills enable us to manage every aspect of a client’s facility to create a safe and cost effective environment for the occupants. The part of Asset Management we provide various solutions including

  • Plant Maintenance
  • Repairable Asset Management
  • Safety Management
  • Multi Trade Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Comprehensive Motor Management Services
  • MRO Purchase agreements
  • Single Source Engineering Services
  • Energy Management Services
Our Approach
  • We look at your overall business from a systems point of view
  • We work with you to set Key Performance Indicators (and objectives)… and then develop a strategy to ensure the KPI are achieved
  • We are accountable for performance against set KPI
  • We ensure the strategy is aligned to your overall business objectives – and as the objectives change, we work with you to ensure the production facility keeps pace. 
  • We share the risk from a monetary perspective.