Commissioning is an all encompassing process by which a facility, building, plant or piece of equipment is tested before being put into use to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Equipment Commissioning

Ainsworth offers Improved Equipment Reliability through our comprehensive start-up and testing services. Our technicians are trained service representatives who are experts in all areas of new equipment start-up. 

Ainsworth is often asked to install equipment related to data centres, building infrastructure (boilers, chillers, pumps, etc.) and operations (e.g. printing machines, MRIs, etc.) on behalf of its clients. Defective equipment can cause systems to fail, leading to lost productivity and/or untenable working conditions. Sometimes the damage caused can result in additional repairs, injury or even death. For this reason, it is important that all equipment be commissioned by experts.

Our Service Technicians

  • Confirm receipt of all materials/equipment and inspect them for physical damage
  • Verify system documentation 
  • Perform functional and operational tests on new equipment 
  • Inspect the system before applying power 
  • Provide training for customer personnel
Building Commissioning

Building commissioning is a rigorous quality assurance process (and an integral part of any capital design and construction project) that starts at the planning and design stage to ensure…

  • High energy efficiency and optimal functioning of equipment (which will increase productivity)
  • Qualification for LEED points and the Canadian Green Building Council’s equivalents
  • A healthy work environment and low impact on neighbouring places and spaces
  • Occupant safety

Commissioning continues through construction to the testing that occurs once construction is complete. Commissioning should also encompass quality assurance-based recommendations and processes that include operating manuals and training procedures for all users and preventive and predictive maintenance schedules.

The purpose of this broader approach is to ensure that when the building is handed over to the owner, that it functions as intended and that all building personnel can operate and maintain the infrastructure’s systems and equipment.