Construction / Installation
A comprehensive approach to electrical and mechanical installation

Construction and Installation form the core of Ainsworth’s Operations group. Ainsworth’s electrical and mechanical installations group has a unique expertise in managing simultaneous projects of varied scopes. The group includes design and engineering experts – supported by our experienced field staff – delivering quality installation, retrofits and design build solutions. Some of the key activities that constitute our commissioning and installation services include:

  • Mobilize work force with the right skill set for the project
  • Arrange for specialized instruments for construction
  • Managing Procurement and Logistics
  • Provide site supervision and support for acceptance testing
Our key Deliverables from the Construction activities include:
  • Deliver a quality product in a cost effective method, on time and on budget
  • Conform to all plans and specifications
  • Conform to all applicable codes
  • Ensure all health and safety regulations are met