ENERGY Management

Ainsworth’s Energy Engineering Services Division delivers high value energy improvement projects to our customers. Our experienced team of energy engineers is capable of performing various energy related services.

Sustainability is not just another business line or discipline. It’s who we are and it translates to our work methodology across the business. From waste elimination / diversion, to emission reduction through smart procurement and on to intelligent scheduling to reduce travel and inefficiencies our goal is to reduce / reuse / recycle in every aspect of our business. In that mindset we assist our clients in multiple technologies and services such as:

Whole building energy savings program:

Facility Audits and Energy Studies
Our team energy experts are capable of developing various audits/studies/assessments, which are tailored to meet our client’s specific goals and needs such as energy efficiency, return on investment, and comfort improvements. The audits we can deliver range from preliminary facility assessments (ASHRAE level 1), energy audits (ASHRAE level 2), to detailed engineering studies (ASHRAE level 3).
Energy Efficiency Improvements
Our energy engineers can design and implement customized energy efficient solutions via a design-build approach. We have expertise in efficient-lighting, building automation control systems, various HVAC improvements, optimized chiller plants, efficient boiler plants, renewable energy solutions, and co-generation systems, which will increase the overall energy efficiency and deliver long-term operational cost savings.
Incentive Applications
Our energy team is capable in applying, acquiring, and managing available incentives for our clients, via the various hydro, natural gas, and water conservation programs throughout Canada.
Measurement and Verification
To ensure the long-term success of energy efficiency projects, our certified measurement and verification specialists are capable of tracking and verifying the performance of the energy efficiency improvements.
Design-Build Approach
We leverage our broad experience and skilled resources on each project to fully understand our customer’s needs and create strategic value by mitigating owner risk by providing a single point of accountability in the Design-Build Approach.

Benefits of this approach
  • Single source responsibility with project development and construction under a single contract
  • Early knowledge of firm price with concurrent estimation of construction
  • Time savings and reduced project duration produces dollar savings
  • Value generated through high quality solutions
  • Potential for reduced administrative burden for customers due do dealing with a single entity
  • Improved risk management with limited change orders
  • Accountability for energy savings