Infrared Thermography

Heat – and its presence or absence – is an important tell-tale sign of emerging equipment problems. Using Infrared Thermography, Ainsworth’s trained technicians can actually “see” heat and detect potential faults

Detectable Faults Include

  • Loose electrical connections
  • Poor splices
  • Overloads
  • Uneven phases
  • Machinery misalignment
  • Bearing degradation
  • Refractory breakdown
  • Temperature fluctuations

By incorporating Ainsworth’s infrared thermography services in your predictive maintenance strategy, clients receive the following benefits:

  • The inspection is performed at the client site by a qualified Ainsworth technician
  • The data is analyzed and interpreted using specialized image processing and report generator software
  • Colour reports are prepared, identifying and prioritizing potential problem areas
  • The inspection findings are presented to the client along with our recommendations for future action
  • Ainsworth’s full complement of maintenance services and qualified technicians are available to assist customers with their intermediate and long-term plans

Ainsworth’s predictive maintenance technicians utilize the industry’s most advanced infrared imaging technology. The high resolution and digital stage of our portable infrared camera makes it easy to capture and analyze thermal activity. With the help of this equipment, our technicians can identify and correct a wide range of “invisible” problems.

Ainsworth’s infrared thermography services can be integrated with our continuous service program to ensure maximum protection from equipment failure.