Renewable Generation
Solar PV

Ainsworth is sensitive to environmental issues and welcomes new technologies that can help protect our natural resources.  Renewable generations, such as Solar PV systems, will not only provide long term benefit and return to the customer, environmental benefits from this alternative energy source can be achieved as well.  Since solar PV systems only fuel source is the sun, there are no harmful emissions released or waste produced.

Roof-top solar PV capabilities:

  • True turnkey design / build or EPC (Engineer, Procure, and Construct)
  • Maintenance
  • System engineering and design: feasibility studies, solar resource analysis, technology selection, layouts, major equipment specification
  • Equipment supply and installation: PV modules, inverters, mounting systems, balance of system
  • Construction services: electrical, civil and mechanical
  • Substation and grid interconnect
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Testing and commissioning

With in-house engineering, project management and skilled labour all under one roof, Ainsworth is able to use the knowledge and experiences gained from past projects and apply them to future opportunities; such as renewable generations. 

Wind farm capabilities:

  • Power system engineering
  • Underground and overhead distribution
  • Substations and switching stations
  • Grid interconnects (transmission and distribution)
  • Substation testing and commissioning