We provide exceptional engineering, design & commissioning services in the transmission & distribution and power generation sector. We focus on our clients’ needs and thrive on the satisfaction of our clients. We employ the same quality of services to all of our clients by applying our experience and quality management procedures. Every step is taken to ensure the quality and the needs of our clients are always met. It is this commitment that gives our clients a peace of mind and thus they will never hesitate to come back to us.

Our areas of engineering expertise and services include the following:

Station Design GIS SS, AIS SS and Power Plants

Primary equipment rating, overall site/equipment layouts and sections, grounding calculation and detail design, battery sizing and DC system design, LVAC system rating and design, power cable routing and support layouts, cable tray routing design, lightning protection layouts and designs.

3D Industrial Rendering/ Visualization Service

Our 3D automated design services include:

  • Steel detailing
  • 3D As-Built model generation
  • Reverse engineering to produce as-built drawings where no historic drawings are available
  • 3D Visualization with motion view fly-by rendering in high resolution HD movie quality

At the bidding stage of any project, cost and time estimation are crucial. Every project has hundreds of drawings outlining details such as cable tray estimations, grounding designs, duct layouts, cable routing, etc. 3D concept designs allow for seamless integration between every component of the project, thus reducing costly delays and budget overruns.

Design Obstruction Simulation and Analysis

Using our 3D design tools, we are able to simulate cable bends according to stringent design criteria to ensure cable routing problems are avoided during construction.  This approach can be and is applied to all components of the design to ensure obstruction and interference free construction saving thousands of dollars in change orders later in the construction process.

Electrical System Studies

During the initial stages of a project, a system study must be performed to determine a variety of factors that will establish a large part of the project budget by specifying the minimum ratings of the primary equipment. As well, it can identify potential problems in the electrical system that might cause problems and delays during the construction and commissioning stage. It can also provide an insight into possible future system expansions by creating scenarios and study cases. Such system studies can save time, money and provide safe working environments.

Our engineers are familiar with Operation Technology Inc. – ETAP and ASPEN Inc. – OneLiner system study software packages and we can provide the following studies:

  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Power flow analysis
  • Motor starting analysis
  • Harmonic & power quality
  • Protection coordination
  • Power factor improvement
  • Ground grid design
Lightning Protection

Today we have more and more equipment that is sensitive to voltage variations or surges. Lightning protection standards have been updated in order to provide more details as to what must be protected and to what degree, especially the equipment that is installed inside the buildings.

We can provide detailed lightning protection layouts, calculations and installation details for exterior and interior equipment, along with coordinated surge protection devices.