Building A Career at Ainsworth
Learning and Development:
Ainsworth University

Ainsworth University (AU) is our corporate university offering internal and external development support for individuals and teams in every aspect of our business. We actively pursue and develop focused and strategic solutions to meet the needs of our clients and partners.

We all benefit through shared resources and your development is key in staying ahead of the competition. AU supports our culture of continuous improvement by targeting the Tools & Trades, Individual Development, Leadership Development, and On-the-Job Essentials.

The AU team partners with leaders and professional institutions to deliver consistent, high quality, results oriented programs. Employees are strongly encouraged to develop their own learning plan, with the support and guidance of the leadership team and human resources partners.

Performance Evaluation:
The Philosophy of Dialogue

When it comes to managing performance, Ainsworth takes a different road. The “Dialogue” approach we’ve created for performance management focuses on the positive - the development of the skills and knowledge of our employees.  Dialogue provides direction, consistency, and fairness in maximizing the performance of individual employees and teams.

A performance review, by its very nature, is focused on the past. Dialogue is focused on the future. No attempt is made in coaching sessions to account for all activities that have taken place in a calendar or fiscal year. Instead, emphasis is placed only on past issues and behaviors that have likelihood of impacting future performance.

Ownership of the traditional performance review process is with senior management and the Human Resource department in most companies. In contrast, the Ainsworth employee is defined as the owner of the Dialogue process. Each employee has ultimate responsibility to prepare and implement his/her own development plan. The manager serves as a resource and facilitator. By continually developing the depth and breadth of their skills and knowledge, employees improve their potential to move into new areas/functions or to take on greater responsibilities in more senior roles.